Focus: Communicating for Transformation Agenda

This year, the Club Leadership Summit theme is ‘Communication for Transformation’. When you are managing a business at the top of its game, you can’t afford to overlook the importance of good communication. This is what builds a bond with an audience, gets them onside and rooting for us, and without this, you can’t have a successful business.

We are pushing communication to the top of the agenda for club managers because we know that good communication is truly transformational.

Whether you are teaching your hospitality team the finer details and importance of delivering superior service, petitioning your club owner for extra investment, sharing news of a membership increase to your clientele or convincing prospective members that your club offers unparalleled facilities, your communication needs to be on point.

But communication is not confined to the spoken and written word: the digital, visual, aural and physical environments are just as important when delivering a message to your audience.

Join us at the Summit this year to discover how to up-level your skills in every one of these areas, how to use excellent communication to unlock value in your business, and how to ensure that you and your team are communicating at the highest level, for organisation-wide success.

Detailed agenda will be coming soon!